Management Tanya Rhodes

PhD Chief Science Officer and Compliance & Regulatory Advisor

Tanya has extensive experience in health care market areas ranging from identifying new markets to overseeing research and development, regulatory issues, and multichannel product distribution. As president of Rhodes & Associates, her consulting work has included serving as the acting vice president of regulatory/technical affairs for three wound care and dermatology companies; and she was also the chief technology officer for a startup pharmaceutical company conducting international drug clinical trials and KOL development.

Tanya has also been the general manager, medical division/global vice president, new product division for the Aso Corporatiom; president of the therapeutic gases division of Viasys Health Care, Inc.; and vice president of innovation for Smith & Nephew, Inc.

She has a GRSCII in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in computational molecular orbital theory from Humberside College/Hull University in England; and a master’s degree in Management Technology from the University of Miami.

When not working you’ll find Tanya sailing on her boat in the Gulf of Mexico.