Board of Advisors Harshita Kumari


Harshita Kumari is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. She has a BS in Cosmetic Science from Nagpur University and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Missouri-Columbia. In 2005, she worked for Unilever, Mumbai, and thereafter moved to the USA for higher studies. Before arriving at the UC, she was a visiting scientist at universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. In 2013, she received RSC Journals Grants for International Authors and in 2016 she was recognized as “Ones to Watch” scientist by Cosmetics and Toiletries magazine. Her research focuses on integrating principles of modern biophysics into materials that would define the next generation of this field. She assesses structure-property relationships to develop novel skin care, oral care, and hair care products. In addition, she probes into mechanisms of delivery and deposition actives onto the skin/hair and elucidates the parameters to control them. She constructs novel nanometric delivery vehicles, based on the principles of self-assembly and molecular recognition.