Dermazone’s patented Lyphazome system has revolutionized skin care, nourishing skin not only on its surface, but also in the deepest layers of the epidermis. While traditional skin care addresses only the surface, Lyphazome improves skin at every layer. The all-natural nanospheres in Lyphazome continuously deliver nutrients deep into the skin over time, sustaining a supply of bioactives, actives, and moisturizers for up to eight hours.

Lyphazome® Natural Nanotechnology . . .
Illustration of how microspheres work with the skin.
































Dermazone Product applied to the skin

80% Nanosphere concentration penetrating the stratum corneum

Migration of Nanospheres through the stratum corneum

Reservoir of Nanosperes between the stratum corneum and stratum granulosum

Bioactive / Active ingredients releasing over time within the stratum granulosum

Released ingredients strategically targets its action for faster results

Illustration of magnified cellular layers within the skin.

At only 125 to 150 nanometers in size, the microscopic, all-natural nanospheres used by Dermazone are the optimum size for penetration deep into the skin, while limiting counterproductive absorption into the body. Lymphazome nanotechnology enhances bioavailability through the mucosa membranes, and the GRAS-rated nanospheres are fully metabolized in the body.

Eighty percent of bioactive- and moisture-loaded ingredients deliver ingredients and create a matrix with skin, to repair and strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier. The therapeutic and healing powers of skin care products are increased with Lyphazome nanosphere technology due to the high concentration of the fatty acid chains, inclusive of linoleic acid.

A calculated mix of natural ingredients and plant-based nanospheres in each product allow for both rapid and sustained release for continuous nourishment. The result is dramatic improvement in skin’s health and appearance, and most users see visible results in less than three weeks.

Illustration of a Lyphazome® Nanosphere Numerous hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients encapsulated simultaneously








  Phospholipid chain creates the structure of the nanosphere

Hydrophilic (water-loving) bioactive/active ingredients

Lipophilic (oil-loving) bioactive/active ingredients

Phospholipid chains breaking apart

Hydrophilic ingredients slowly releasing

Lipophilic ingredients slowly releasing

Dermazone is continually researching and developing therapeutic applications for its patented nanotechnology. The company has obtained five additional licenses:

  1. Cosmetic Manufacturer
  2. Over-the-Counter Drug Manufacturer
  3. Prescription Drug Manufacturer
  4. Device Manufacturer
  5. Product Registration Permit

Dermazone’s research and development pipeline includes formulas powered by nanotechnology to be delivered in oral pharmaceutical applications, nutraceuticals, beverage taste-masking, and veterinary applications and products.



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St. Petersburg, FL
March 2012

FINALISTS RECOGNIZED AS ICONIC WOMEN St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Women with Vision at Annual Event

St. Petersburg, FL – From the Chief of Police to Chief Executive Officer, the titles of the finalists for the Women with Vision Awards are as diverse as the organizations and causes that they represent. More than 115 nominations were received for this annual celebration of influential women, and the winners will be announced during the Iconic Women of St. Petersburg event on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront Hotel.

This luncheon and ceremony, taking place during national Women’s History month, not only raises funding and awareness for the Chamber which supports the development of business in St. Petersburg, but also honors women who have become iconic leaders in various areas of business and community outreach throughout Pinellas County. A panel of esteemed judges, representing both business and community service, has named the following as finalists for the Women with Vision Awards:

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