Dermazone Solutions is a life science company that harnesses the power of its nanotechnologies, research and innovation to change the quality of people’s lives with remedies for advanced health care management.  Dermazone’s technology platforms enable pharmaceutical, wellness, and skin care products to work faster and smarter.

Dermazone Solutions was founded on the principles of innovation and technology, and the company continually evolves with advanced research and development. The company has obtained five licenses for groundbreaking pharmaceutical products and medical devices, and current research is expected to yield additional developments in formulations, technology and manufacturing.

The company leverages nearly a decade of experience to serve its clients through three divisions: Celazome Clinical Skin Care, Hyssop Health™ Therapy and dermaCM.

Dermazone’s products, made at pharmaceutical standards, are available to consumers through its Celazome Clinical Skin Care line. Learn more . . .

Dermazone's Hyssop Health™ Therapy is an all-natural remedy-like solution that has proven to relieve, prevent and provide miraculous recovery for an endless variety of maladies, symptoms and disease-like conditions. Learn more . . .

Dermazone’s dermaCM division formulates and manufactures companies’ topical and oral pharmaceuticals and cosmeceutical skin care products in its FDA-registered facility to improve performance. Learn more . . .


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Growing employees

Manufacturers struggle to recruit talent, instead must train their own

Tampa Bay Business Journal by Margie Manning, Quality and Content Editor - Date: Friday, September 14, 2012, 6:00am EDT

St. Petersburg, FL – From the Chief of Police to Chief Executive Officer, the titles of the finalists for the Women with Vision Awards are as diverse as the organizations and causes that they represent. More than 115 nominations were received for this annual celebration of influential women, and the winners will be announced during the Iconic Women of St. Petersburg event on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront Hotel.

Duffey shared her success in overcoming workforce obstacles during a panel discussion of challenges facing small firms and the solutions they have developed. The panel kicked off the Small Business Leadership Forum, attended by some 200 businesspersons Sept. 6-Sept. 7 at the Westin Harbour Island Hotel in Tampa.

Dr Fountain Lyphazome Technology

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